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The provision and support of essential services is important in ensuring the daily life of the people of New Ingerland is a civilised, safe and secure one. New Ingerland's essential services include education through schools and university, public health by way of hospitals and clinics, and public safety in the form of police, fire, ambulance and civil defence services.

As with most western nations, essential services are primarily the responsibility of the state sector, with the government providing most of the teachers, nurses and emergency services personnel. However, the private sector also plays an important role in delivering high-quality schooling, health care, and public safety services across the nation. Some charitable organisations also provide support in this very important sector.


The top priority of the New Ingerland education system is ensuring that when all pupils complete school they are able to read, write and count sufficiently to be effective members of society. This is the core purpose of education in a modern society, and forms the basis of the National Curriculum of New Ingerland. There are of course other skills and disciplines that are important, and all pupils receive instruction in these foundation subject areas.

The education sector is divided into four tiers. Children start their schooling in the preparatory system at the age of four or five. At the age of six, all pupils start their primary education in first form, where they spend six years (or three forms) before moving on to secondary education at the age of twelve for another six years (or three forms again). At the age of eighteen, and having completed sixth form, pupils receive the Advanced Certificate of Education and may matriculate into tertiary education. There are five tertiary institutions consisting of four polytechnics and one university.


The provision of health care in New Ingerland offers a fully comprehensive system of care to all New Ingerish through both public and private health systems. All of New Ingerland's citizens and permanent residents are guaranteed treatment by the public health system through a series of insurance and compulsory contribution mechanisms

Despite having a sophisticated public health-care system, private health care is also very important in New Ingerland, with anyone who can afford it encouraged to take out private health insurance. A network of private hospitals takes many of these patients, and may be used as a overflow when the public health system is overwhelmed. Private medical practices form the backbone of New Ingerland's health care system, with general practitioners being the first point of call for many people with a medical condition.

Public Safety

Responsibility for public safety services in New Ingerland is divided between the Government of New Ingerland and the eight county councils The central government is responsible for the operation of the Royal New Ingerland Ambulance Service, and also operates the Royal New Ingerland Police. The counties are responsible for all other emergency services, including front-line policing through the eight county constabularies, civil defence, and fire and rescue services. Between them, these services ensure that New Ingerish are protected against danger, and can expect to be properly cared for when an emergency occurs.

The private and community sector also plays a key role, particularly in the provision of private security, fire prevention, and first-aid care with a number of organisations operating across the country. The most important of these are the Royal New Ingerland Coastguard Service and the Order of St. John. All private and community safety organisations must be legally registered in order to operate, and are regulated by the government to ensure they are qualified and able to operate without endangering the lives of the people they are supposed to help.

Utilities and services

As part and parcel with having liveable cities, New Ingerland is complimented with stable and modern utility systems. The utilities of New Ingerland are provided by a number of government owned organisations responsible for the provision of energy, public transport, telecommunications, and potable water. Responsibility for the provision of these services is split between central and local government.

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