King's Own New Ingerland Volunteers

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King's Own New Ingerland Volunteers
Branch New Ingerland Army
Type Line infantry
Role Light infantry (2 battalions)
Mechanised (1 battalion)
Size 3 battalions
Part of Royal Corps of Infantry
Motto Strenue Percute
Colonel-in-Chief HRH The Lord High Steward
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The King's Own New Ingerland Volunteers are a reserve infantry regiment of the New Ingerland Army. Established in 1972, the unit can trace it's history and traditions back further to the various militia units that was raised in the wake of Crimean War as New Ingerland took charge of her own defence. Today, the Volunteers are the sole infantry regiment of the Territorial Militia, and has units posted to all parts of the country.



The regiment consists of six battalions, which are arranged in the following order:

TAC Name Abbr. Role March
Slow Quick
Army-patch-1kogv.png 1st Battalion 1KOGV Light Infantry
Army-patch-2kogv.png 2nd Battalion 2KOGV Light Infantry
Army-patch-3kogv.png 3rd Battalion 3KOGV Light Infantry

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