List of parishes of New Ingerland

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This is a list of parishes in New Ingerland. The parish is the lowest level of local government.



Baldersleigh Rural District

Ellford Rural District

Image Name Vestry status Population
Arms-ellford junction.png Ellford Junction Select 2,299

St Collen Rural District

Image Name Vestry status Population

Municpal Borough of Shepton

Image Name Vestry status Population
25px Black Mountain Select vestry 2,451
25px Earlston Select vestry
25px Elderbury Select vestry
25px Elmwood Select vestry
25px Falconer Select vestry
25px High Peak Select vestry
25px Hillside Select vestry
25px Hollywell Select vestry
25px Lakeview Select vestry
25px Malpas Select vestry
25px Shepton Select vestry
25px South Shepton Select vestry
25px Wentworth Select vestry

Stanhill Rural District

Image Name Vestry status Population
Arms-avondale.png Avondale Open vestry 552
Arms-chandler-parish.png Chandler Select vestry 1,550
Arms-clevedon.png Clevedon Open vestry 552
Arms-coningdale.png Coningdale Open vestry 757
Arms-eddleton.png Eddleton Open vestry 516
Arms-halls peak.png Halls Peak Open vestry 550
Arms-hargrave.png Hargrave Open vestry 710
25px Long Point Open vestry 583
25px Mowle Open vestry 260
Arms-pantonthwaite.png Pantonthwaite Open vestry 384
Arms-pondsford.png Pondsford Open vestry 284
Arms-st george.png St George Open vestry 420
Arms-serpentine.png Serpentine Open vestry 506
Arms-silverton.png Silverton Open vestry 400
Arms-snowy valley.png Snowy Valley Open vestry 590
Arms-stanhill-parish.png Stanhill Select vestry 17,492
25px Stockton Select vestry 450
Swiftwater Municipal administration 6
25px Taumata Open vestry 612
25px Trequean Open vestry 210
Arms-warmford.png Warmford Regis Open vestry 588

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