List of places in New Ingerland by population

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This is a list of places in New Ingerland by urban centre population.

Metropolitan statistical areas

Metropolitan statistical areas are defined by the Statistics Agency as being a population cluster of 100,000 or more people. For statistical purposes, people living in such urban centres are classified as urban dwellers, in contrast to sub-urban dwellers and rural dwellers who do not. These figures represent the populations of the contiguous built-up areas of each city or town, and is often coterminous with commuter areas. Most metropolitan statistical areas are based on groupings of multiple baronies.

Suburbs are not included, with the exception of those settlements that can be seen as separate towns as well as semi-rural suburbs.

# Urban centre Population Principal settlements County
1 Kingsbury metropolitan area 432,769 Centralia
2 Port Frederick metropolitan area 355,662 Albanyshire
3 Corfe Harbour metropolitan area 254,701 Fitzroyshire
4 Lunenborough metropolitan area 132,004 Lunen Island

Combined urban statistical areas

Combined urban statistical areas are defined as being a population cluster of between 50,000 and 100,000 people.

As with metropolitan statistical areas, suburbs are not included, with the exception of those settlements that can be seen as separate towns as well as semi-rural suburbs.

Largest municipalities by population

# Municipality Population County
1 City of Kingsbury 298,000 Centralia
2 City of Port Frederick 190,140 Albanyshire
3 City of Corfe Harbour 177,024 Fitzroyshire
4 City of Lunenborough 132,004 Lunen Island
5 City of Swanbrook 108,829 Deverauxshire
6 City of Axport 96,887 Beaufortshire
7 City of Williamsdene 93,418 Beaufortshire
8 City of Philipstown 82,908 Centralia
9 City of Shepton 77,093 Centralia
10 City of Earnestvale 74,523 Westerland
11 City of Langford 72,715 Vernonshire
12 Haekling Rural District 67,959 Lunen Island
13 City of Beaconsfield 64,256 Deverauxshire
14 City of Warnock 61,115 Lunen Island
15 Municipal Borough of Castleigh 58,060 Centralia
16 Municipal Borough of Lake Lamberton 52,831 Albanyshire
17 Townshend Rural District 52,144 Beaufortshire
18 Municipal Borough of Pasquale 50,457 Albanyshire
19 Municipal Borough of Deauville 42,103 Albanyshire
20 Bielsdown Rural District 38,753 Fitzroyshire
21 Municipal Borough of Uxbridge 37,122 Fitzroyshire
22 Municipal Borough of Belvedere 35,748 Fitzroyshire
23 Te Kara Rural District 35,335 Lunen Island
24 Municipal Borough of Stanley 34,561 Deverauxshire
25 Municipal Borough of Ashmarsh 33,655 Fitzroyshire
26 Municipal Borough of Hillsborough 32,911 Centralia
27 Municipal Borough of West Shore 28,928 Albanyshire
28 Woolcaster Rural District 28,525 Vernonshire
29 Ashbourne Rural District 27,878 Westerland
30 Homeleigh Rural District 26,549 Lunen Island

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