National forests of New Ingerland

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National Forests
IUCN category VI
(sustainably managed protected area)
Area 0 acres (0 ha)
Designated 5 July 1909; 113 years ago (1909-07-05)
Visitors 1.3 million (in 2010)
Managing authority Forestry Commission

National Forests are a form of protected area in New Ingerland in which forestry, livestock grazing and a variety of recreational pursuits are allowed. There are currently 34 such forests across the country, occupying 0 square miles (0 square kilometres) or 0% of the total landmass of New Ingerland.

The administration of New Ingerland's national forests is the responsibility of the Forestry Commission, an executive agency of the Ministry of Primary Industry. The designation of a national forest allows for a variety of commercial activities to take place within the reserve that would normally be banned within a protected area. The national forest system also features many replanted forests, with plantations of both hardwood and softwood a reasonably common sight throughout the country.


National forests are defined by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as being:

An area containing predominantly unmodified natural systems, managed to ensure long term protection and maintenance of biological diversity, while providing at the same time a sustainable flow of natural products and services to meet community needs.[1]



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