New Ingerland general election, 1929

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1929 General Election

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All 100 seats to the House of Assembly
51 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 95.08

  First party Second party
Leader William Burdett Donald Burleigh
Party Liberal Party Country Party
Leader since 1928 1928
Seats won 54 21
Seat change Decrease 12 Increase 9

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Leonard Rollins Arthur Cooke
Party Labour Party Conservative Party
Leader since 1921 1923
Seats won 16 9
Seat change Increase 12 Decrease 9

Composition of the House of Assembly chamber after the election. Colours denote the winning party, as shown in the main table of results

Prime Minister before election

William Burdett
Liberal Party

Elected Prime Minister

William Burdett
Liberal Party

The New Ingerland general election of 1929 was held on Saturday, 29 March 1930. The election saw the Liberals, now led by William Burdett, manage to win with a reduced majority in the House of Assembly. Country, with a new leader in Donald Burleigh, abandon the philosophy of social credit in favour of agrarian conservatism, and are rewarded by leapfrogging the declining Conservatives in to Official Opposition status. Labour manage a handy recovery, chiefly at the expense of the Liberals.

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