New Ingerland general election, 2012

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2012 General Election

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All 128 seats in the House of Assembly
38 (of the 68) seats in the Senate

  First party Second party
Leader Matthew Jones Jim Goodwin
Party Democratic Party National Party
Leader since 22 December 2008 22 March 2000
Leader's seat Woolcaster Badminton
Last election 37 seats 71 seats
Seats won 73 39
Seat change Increase36 Decrease32
Popular vote 343,105 284,713
Percentage 42.60% 35.35%

Composition of the House of Assembly chamber after the election. Colours denote the winning party, as shown in the main table of results

Prime Minister before election

Jim Goodwin
National Party

Elected Prime Minister

Matthew Jones
Democratic Party

The 56th general election for all seats in the House of Assembly and 38 seats in the 68-member Senate was held on Saturday, 3 March 2012. The governing National Party, having already governed for eight years, went into the election hoping to secure a record third consecutive term in power.

The election resulted in a first time win for Matthew Jones, leader of Democratic Party with 73 of 128 seats, ahead of the National Party led Jim Goodwin with 39 seats. The Social Democratic Labour Party under Scott Rogers remained the third party, securing 12 seats.

Key dates

Date Event
24 January 2012 Writs were issued by the Sovereign to proceed with an election.
7 February 2012 Close of nominations.
3 March 2012 Polling day, between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00.
16 March 2012 The writ was returned and the results formally declared.
17 April 2012 56th Parliament assembled.
18 April 2012 State Opening of Parliament.


In 2008, the National Party narrowly won the general election, and was able to form an administration with a slim majority of six seats.

Under the provisions set out in the Electoral Act[1], an election are held on the first Saturday in March, which itself must be between thirty and forty days after the King has dropped the writ and dissolved the House of Assembly.


Votes summary

Popular vote
Social Democratic Labour
Christian Democrats
Outdoor Alliance
Independents and others


House of Assembly

New Ingerland general election, 3 March 2012
House of Assembly
<< 2008 2016 >>
Enrolled Voters 913,890
Votes Cast 851,745 Turnout 93.20% -0.90%
Informal Votes 46,335 Informal 5.44% +0.04%
Summary of votes by party
Party Primary Votes % Swing Seats Change
  Democratic Party 343,105 42.60% +6.50% 73 +36
  National Party 284,713 35.35% -5.08% 39 -32
  Social Democratic Labour Party 48,486 6.02% -0.04% 12 -3
Total 805,411     128  

References and notes

  1. Electoral Act (Public Act No. 47 of 1983).

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