Paymaster-General of New Ingerland

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Paymaster-General of New Ingerland
Samantha Worthington

since 16 March 2016
Style The Honourable
Nominator Matthew Jones
Appointer Geoffrey VII
Term length At His Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural Langdon Howard
Formation 18 February 1836
Salary £5,605[1] (=10th)

The Paymaster-General of New Ingerland is an officer of the Crown responsible for the depositing of funds from the Consolidated Revenue Fund into the accounts of public bodies, including all central government departments, in New Ingerland. The post is considered to be of the same rank as that of a Deputy Minister, and is attached to the Ministry of Finance. The current Paymaster-General is the Honourable Samantha Worthington MHA.

References and notes

  1. The salary of the Paymaster-General of New Ingerland is derived from his position as a member of Parliament and as a holder of a ministerial office. As of the opening of the 56th Parliament, all Senators and MHAs receive a salary of £1,170, plus a £47 per sitting day (not including a per diem amount for expenses). In addition, the Paymaster-General of New Ingerland receives an additional salary of £105.

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