Resident Commissioner of New Ingerland

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Resident Commissioner of New Ingerland
Flag of the Resident Commissioner
Style The Right Honourable
Residence Residency House
Wheeler House
Nominator Varied
as Ingerish Colonial Secretary
Appointer King of New Ingerland
Term length At His Majesty's pleasure
Formation 18 February 1836
First holder Sir George Wheeler
Final holder Sir Alexander Veivers
Abolished 30 September 1907
Succession Prime Minister of New Ingerland

The Resident Commissioner of New Ingerland was an administrative post appointed by the Ingerish crown to oversee the administration of New Ingerland from 1836 until 1907.


Function and powers

By the terms of the New Ingerland Act, the Resident Commissioner was the chief minister to the King of New Ingerland.The decisions of the Resident Commissioner were binding in all matters, although over time, this power was relinquished over some domestic matters to the Chief Secretary. The Resident Commissioner was the equivalent of the modern post of Prime Minister, where he was the President of the Executive Council to the Sovereign.

Official residence

The official residence for the Resident Commissioner was located at Residency House, Port Frederick until 1868. With the relocation of the capital to Kingsbury, the official residence of the Resident Commissioner was transferred to the newly constructed Wheeler House.

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