Telecommunications Infrastructure Corporation

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Telecommunications Infrastructure Corporation
Type Crown monopoly
Owner(s) Government of New Ingerland
Employees 2,291
Founded 1 March 2003; 20 years ago (2003-03-01)
Headquarters Kingsbury, CENT
Key people Angela Crossin (Managing director)
Products and services
Industry Telecommunications
Products Wholesale data network

The Telecommunications Infrastructure Corporation or TIC is a crown monopoly that owns all the telephone and data hardware in New Ingerland. All cabling, exchanges, public microwave links are owned by the corporation. Connexions to overseas cables and satellites are also maintained or leased by the corporation. The corporation was established by the Howlett government in March 2003 when the government split-off the wholesale assets of Telecom New Ingerland.

The corporation does not provide retail services, and acts as the wholesaler of telephony and data services to the various retail companies operating in New Ingerland. Charges for access to corporation's network are covered in part by licence fees charged to retailers for access to the network, with the remaining income provided by the government from general taxation.



The TIC is bound by a charter, which lays out the mission, authority, and activities of the corporation. For example, the TIC is bound by it's charter to provide access within 24 hours of being notified that a new connexion is required. Likewise, the prices it charges for it's services are regulated by the Utility Pricing Commission, and generally only rise in line with the consumer price index.


The principal function of TIC is build, maintain and provide access to a world class telecommunications network. The corporation is regularly tasked with keeping the national telecoms network online, and conducts over 2,000 repairs to the network every month. The corporation employs over 1,000 technicians to keep the network up and running, and maintains a number of field offices and depots across the country.

The corporation provides no services to general public, and most people never have to deal with corporation at any time in their lives. The primary relationship the corporation is concerned with lies with those companies that provide telecommunication retail services to the nation.

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