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Flag of Aeda Coat of arms of Aeda
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Super Hanc Petram
Anthem: Hail to Our King
Official languages Ingerish
Recognised national languages Serionic
Demonym Aedan
Government Parliamentary dependency under a constitutional monarchy
 •  Monarch Geoffrey VII
 •  Governor Sir John Mosley
 •  Premier Joseph Mansour
Legislature Parliament
 •  Total 235 km2
91 sq mi
 •  2015 census 138,440
 •  Density 589/km2
1,525.5/sq mi
HDI (2015)0.85
very high
Currency Aedan Taller (ATL)
Internet TLD .ae

Aeda is an Ingerish Overseas Territory located on the island of the same name in the Sabelic Sea, 5.5 kilometres (3.4 mi) off the north-eastern coast of the continent of Tarephia.



Skull of Homo neandertalensis
Skull of H.neandertalensis found on Aeda in the XIX century.

Remains of Homo neandertalensis have been found in numerous caves across the island, indicating that the island was frequently occupied up until 40,000YBP.

At the conclusion of the last glacial maximum 11,650YBP, Aeda was cut off from mainland Tarephia by rising sea levels, creating the Strait of Aeda in the process.

Hellanesian settlement (1500 BC - AD 100)

Greek temple
Temple of Artemis, Artemisia.

Castellanese rule (1570-1717)

Ingerish colony (1717-1984)

Street scene
View of the Newtown Ward, taken in the years after the Great War.

Recent times


Politics and administration

Geoffrey VII, King of Ingerland

Sir John Mosley, Governor of Aeda

Joseph Mansour, Premier of Aeda

Administrative divisions

Aeda is divided into nine local government units known as Wards. Each ward also returns two members to the Legislative Assembly using the plurality-at-large method of voting.

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At the last census (taken in 2015), the population of Aeda was 135,554. In 2019, it is estimated that the population has grown to 138,440. The next census will be held in November 2020. The population density of the island is 589 persons per square kilometre of total land area, which places the territory in a fairly average position globally. Most of the territories inhabitants live on the eastern side of the island, with western half only hosting ~20,000 people. The vast majority of settlers and immigrants come from a handful of ethnic groups:

Ethnicity Population

(2019 est.)

Mazans 103,879
Ingerish 15,817
Tarephians 10,611
Egans, Mauroi, etc 4,484
Others 830

Religious affiliation

At the last census, 69.9% of Aedans identified as Muslim. A further 16.1% belong to the various Christian denominations, chiefly the Church of Ingerland. The revivalist Modern Dodekatheism (1%) and Judaism (0.5%) made up the remainder. 12.5% profess another faith, no religion, or did not answer.



Aeda National Stadium.

Football is by far the most popular sport in Aeda.

Cricket is also a highly popular sport, with Aeda being one of the more successful teams from Seriothyran region.

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