Electricity Authority

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Electricity Authority
Logo of the Electricity Authority
Type Crown statutory agency
Preceding agency Electricity Commission
Central Office CENT
Employees 48
Annual budget £2,500,915 (USD 51,018,666)[1]
Senior executive
Chairman Sir Peter Fairburn
Managing Director Vincent Robson

The Electricity Authority is a crown statutory agency responsible for the regulation of the electricity sector of New Ingerland.

Function and powers

The principal function of the Electricity Authority is to regulate the electricity sector of New Ingerland. This regulating function enables the Authority with the following powers:

  • Providing licence certificates to allow companies to participate in the electricity sector;
  • Monitoring and enforcing compliance under the various Acts of Parliament that oversee ans regulate the electricity sector;
  • Improving efficiency in the electricity sector through the publication of an annual reports into the sector's performance;
  • Providing information to promote the smooth switching of retailers for interested consumers; and
  • Monitoring the performance of the electricity sector as a whole against international benchmarks.

The Authority is also responsible for advising the Minister of State for Energy and Water Resources on all matters relating to the electricity sector. Finally, the Authority has also been granted powers of regulation over the electrical trades sector, including:

  • Licensing electrical contractors and electricians;
  • Overseeing the sale and hire of electrical apparatus;
  • Setting standards for materials used in electrical wiring and in the manufacture of electrical equipment; and
  • Overhead line construction including materials, work methods and worker qualifications.

References and notes

  1. Based on 4th quarter 2014 exchange rate.