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The Executive Council (formally His Majesty's Most Honourable Executive Council) is the body holding executive authority under the Constitution of New Ingerland. It is the Executive Council which advises the monarch in the governance of the kingdom where it's principal function is to issue Orders-in-Council, which operate under the authority of the "King in Council" and give legitimacy to the decisions of the Cabinet.

Members of the Council are appointed by the King on the advice of the Prime Minister. Newly appointed members of the Council often belong to the Cabinet as a Minister of State, and are almost always members of Parliament. It is worth noting that once appointed, a person remains a member of the council for life, even if they leave the Cabinet and Parliament. Any three members of the Executive Council, plus the Sovereign, constitutes a quorum. Members are also entitled to use the style of The Right Honourable, and carry the post nominal title of EC.


The Executive Council is the successor to the Ingerish Privy Council, upon which it is very closely modelled.

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