Grand Albanyshire Canal

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Grand Albanyshire Canal
River Waiparu
C162 road
Ferrers Marina
Vergers Drain
Belgravia Marina
Services Point
Horridge Bridge
Belgravia Marsh Overflow Drain
Loftus Bridge
Worthings Drain
Upper Belgravia Marina
River Belgravia Joins Canal
Upper Belgravia Bridge
Upper Belgravia Lock
Richardsons Cutting
Musselman Head Arm
Musselman Head Marina
B16 road
Hunamaunga Lock
B19 road
River Charlotte Joins Canal
Cornwallis and Pasquale Canal
River Maria Navigation
River Oswald Navigation
Fernbank Marina
Services Point
Fernbank Lock No. 1
North Coast Main Line
A1 road
Fernbank Locks Nos. 2-3
Fernbank Locks Nos. 4-5
Fernbank Twin Locks (No. 6)
Eastern Main Line
A20 road
Lamberton Top Lock (No. 5)
Lamberton Locks Nos. 3-4
Lamberton Locks Nos. 1-2
Services Point
Lamberton Marina
Lake Lamberton (South Basin)
Lake Lamberton (East Basin)
The Grand Albanyshire Canal

The Grand Albanyshire Canal is a 78-mile (126 km) canal and navigation system in New Ingerland linking Port Waiparu with Regentsmere via Port Frederick. Completed in 1845, it connects the River Waiparu at Ferrers to the River Maria, Lake Lamberton, and Regents River systems.

Until the arrival of the railways, the canal was for approximately 15 years the main canal artery of trade between the river valleys of Albanyshire, and provided a safer means of navigation than coastal shipping. After the turn of the 20th century, the canal lost it's importance to the local economy and was abandoned in 1950. After a period of restoration in the early 2000s, today the canal is frequently used for recreation and pleasure boating.


The locks on the canal are as follows.

Locks on the Grand Albanyshire Canal
Lock Number Name Rise (or fall) of lock, feet & inches (metres)
1 – 4 Lower Lamberton Locks 41’ 0” (12.49 m)
5 Lamberton Top Lock 9’ 0” (2.74 m)
6 Fernbank Twin Locks 9’ 9” (m)
7 – 8