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Launched 23 January 1965
Picture format 1080p
Audience share 24.6% (June 2017, NatRate)
Slogan Come Home to Us
Headquarters Television House
2 Peterson Rd
Corfe Harbour, FITZ
Timeshift service ITN+1
HD Digital Channel 20
Freesat Channel 201
Streaming media
ITN Online

ITN (officially known as the Independent Television Network) is a network of commercial television stations located across New Ingerland. With it's origins dating back to January 1965, ITN is the oldest television station in the country. The network is owned by ITRN Broadcasting, one of the largest corporations in New Ingerland, and is based in Corfe Harbour.

Today, ITN is the second highest rating station, trailing its rival RTNI2, but just ahead of RTNI1 and TBN. The majority of content is broadcast out of the network's principal studios, which are also located in Corfe Harbour.


ITN broadcasts the following diverse range of programmes:

  • A Family Affair (Animated comedy)
  • Alright My Love (Situation comedy)
  • Animal Avengers (Fly on the wall documentary)
  • Beautiful Planet (Natural history documentaries)
  • Bob & Jane (Situation comedy)
  • CID: Cardiff (Police drama)
  • Cooking Adventures (Cooking magazine)
  • Customs Watch (Fly on the wall documentary)
  • Destinations (Holiday magazine)
  • Dr Jones, Forensic Investigator (Medical drama)
  • Family Movie (Feature film)
  • Fenchurch (Serial drama)
  • Home Movie Mayhem (Home movies)
  • In the Navy (Fly on the wall documentary)
  • ITN News (News)
  • Jim's Hardware (Situation comedy)
  • Late Movie (Classic film)
  • Marine One (Military drama)
  • Metroland (Drama)
  • Millionaire Dash (Game show)
  • My Backyard (Gardening magazine)
  • Newsnight (Current affairs)
  • Nurses (Medical drama)
  • Sunday at the Movies (Feature film)
  • The Alchemist (Fantasy drama)
  • The Alien War (Science fiction drama)
  • The Undertaker (Medical drama)
  • The Weekend Show (Chat show)
  • Weekend Escapes (Holiday magazine)
  • Poundyard Bay Surf Rescue (Fly on the wall documentary)

Current Schedule

* 18.00 18.30 19.00 19.30 20.00 20.30 21.00 21.30 22.00
SUN ITN News A Family Affair Bob & Jane Beautiful Planet Sunday at the Movies
MON Newsnight Fenchurch Customs Watch Animal Avengers Dr Jones, Forensic Investigator CID: Cardiff
TUE My Backyard Cooking Adventures Nurses The Undertaker
WED Warnock Surf Rescue In the Navy Marine One Metroland
THU Destinations The Alchemist The Alien War
FRI Jim's Hardware Home Movie Mayhem Millionaire Dash The Weekend Show
SAT Weekend Escapes Alright My Love Family Movie Late Movie

News and Current Affairs are in Grey; Drama is in Blue; Sitcoms, Animation and Comedy are in Purple; Lifestyle programmes are in Green; Factual programmes and Documentaries are Yellow; Reality, Game shows and Talk shows are in Red; Sport is in Orange; Movies are in Pink.
The above represents the usual prime-time schedule for ITN. It does not reflect one-off events, and programme starting times may vary from those shown.

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