Dean of Warmford

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The Dean of Warmford is the spiritual head of the Canons of St Michael's Chapel, Warmford Regis, and the other Chapels Royal that has been placed directly under the jurisdiction of the King in Right of New Ingerland, rather than the episcopal authority of the Ingerian Church of New Ingerland. The current Dean of Warmford is The Very Rev. Arthur Jones.

Function and role

As head of the Chapel, the Dean is also the personal chaplain to Governor-General of New Ingerland and members of the vice-regal family. It is he who tends to the pastoral needs of the vice-regal family; including baptisms, confirmations, weddings, visitation of sick, and the burial of the dead. In addition, when members of the Ingerish Royal Family visit New Ingerland, the Dean fulfils their pastoral needs as well.

In this role, the Dean is assisted by two Canons at St Michael's Chapel, with a third Canon based at Government House, Kingsbury. The Dean is also assisted by several other lay members such the clerk, verger, sexton, organist, and choirmaster that are all professionals that serve as staff of the Royal Household. Together, the Dean and Canons form the Chapter of St Michael's Chapel, and which acts as official governing body of the Chapel and all the Chapels Royal in New Ingerland.

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