St Michael's Chapel, Warmford Regis

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St Michael's Chapel
The King's Chapel of St. Michael the Archangel, Warmford Regis
Pic-St Michaels Chapel.jpg
St Michael's Chapel from the north-west
Location Royal Estate
Warmford Regis, CENT
Denomination Ingerian
Churchmanship High church
Founder(s) Prince Philip, Duke of Rockland
Dedication St. Michael the Archangel
Dedicated 29 September 1919
Consecrated 25 December 1919
Status Active
Heritage designation Grade IIr
Designated 26 August 1986
Architectural type Church
Style Perpendicular gothic
Groundbreaking 4 February 1913
Construction cost £315,000
Diocese Extra-parochial
Dean Arthur Jones
Canon(s) William Carter
Michael Braithwaite

St Michael's Chapel (formally known as The King's Chapel of St. Michael the Archangel, Warmford Regis) is a Christian church located at Warmford Regis, approximatly 32 15-mile (51.8 km) from the national capital, Kingsbury. The chapel is an official place of worship for Governor-General of New Ingerland, and the Ingerish Royal Family when they visit New Ingerland. The present chapel dates to 1919, having replaced a temporary wooden church built on the same site in 1882.

As a Chapel Royal, St Michael's Chapel currently uses an Ingerian form of worship, although it is not under the episcopal authority of the bishops and clergy of the Ingerian Church of New Ingerland. Instead, the chapel is part of the Crown Estate and is governed by the Chapter of St Michael's Chapel, a body led by a Dean and two Canons.


Royal significance

The chapel is the focal point for many royal and vice-regal occasions. It is here that many of the pastoral needs of Governors-General take place, including baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and the burial of the dead.

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