Gas Authority

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Gas Authority
Logo of the Gas Authority
Type Crown statutory agency
Annual budget £220,000
Senior executive
Chief executive Aidan Hagelthorn

The Gas Authority is a crown statutory agency responsible for the regulation of the retail gas sector of New Ingerland.

Function and powers

The role of the Gas Authority is as follows:

  • To monitor and regulate the reticulation of gas in New Ingerland;
  • To protect the interest of gas users by ensuring that distributors comply with the legislative framework surrounding the retail gas industry in the form of the Gas Supply Act[1];
  • To be responsible for the administration of the National Gas Market, whereby the Gas Corporation generates and distributes natural gas to a series of retail companies;
  • Ensure safety and maintenance of quality in the transmission and distribution of gas across the national gas grid;
  • To advise the Minister of State for Energy and Water Resources on matters related to the administration of the Gas Supply Act;
  • To encourage competition and efficiency in the supply of gas.

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References and notes

  1. Gas Supply Act (Public Act No. 33 of 1993).