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General information
Established 1843
Postal code ILUN
Dialling code 02
County Lunen Island
Elevation 39 ft (12 m)
Population 112,766  (Ranked 4th)
Property value £90,384
City of Lunenborough[1]
Coat of Arms of Lunenborough
Type City by Royal Charter
Incorporated 1 May 1856
Seat Lunenborough Town Hall
1 Bligh Street
Lunenborough, ILUN
Navigation and map
Lunenborough is located in Guelphia
Location of Lunenborough
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Lunenborough is the principal city of the Lunen Island, the second island of the New Ingerland part of the Moonshine archipelago. As of 2010, the city has a population of 112,766, and is part of a wider urban area of 132,000, making it the fourth largest urban area in the country.


Lunenborough is an anglicisation of Lüneburg, an ancient city in northern Germany with connexions to the Hanseatic League. When James Cook sailed past the island in 1773, he named it and the larger Brunswick Island after the Duchy of Brunswick-Lunenburg (German: Herzogtum Braunschweig-Lüneburg) which at the time was a possession of the House of Hanover, the royal family in Great Britain. Lunenburg was the typical rendering of the name in the eighteenth century, as English lacks the umlaut diacritic (¨) above it's vowels.

However, when the city was founded in 1843, the settlers of the town decided that -burg suffix should be replaced by the more English sounding -borough.


The origins of the city can be traced to 1843, when the Government of New Ingerland ordered survey of lands on the island for close settlement. Prior to this, settlement on the island has been restricted to a few sealing settlements and New Ingerland Company outposts to monitor the native Ngati Mōri and aid in the capture of any escaped convict labourers.


References and notes

  1. By Letters Patent issued by the King on 2 December 1907, Lunenborough is entitled to the status and privilege of the title of city.

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