Port Frederick

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Port Frederick
General information
Established 1835
Postal code ABNY
Dialling code 02
County Albanyshire
Elevation 18 ft (5.5 m)
Population 190,140  (Ranked 2nd)
Property value £92,250
City of Port Frederick[1]
Arms-port frederick.png
Coat of Arms of Port Frederick
Type Municipal borough
Incorporated 1 January 1845
Seat Port Frederick Town Hall
13 Hay Street
Port Frederick, ABNY
Navigation and map
Port Frederick is located in Guelphia
Port Frederick
Port Frederick
Location of Port Frederick
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Port Frederick is the second largest and oldest city in New Ingerland. As of 2013, Port Frederick has a population of just over 190,000 people. All of the conurbation of Port Frederick is administered as part of the Albanyshire County Council. The second European settlement in New Ingerland, Port Frederick was built by the New Ingerland Company in 1835, and was where the country was founded on the 18 February 1836.


Port Frederick is named in honour of the late Ingerish Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany, (1763 – 1827)[2], the second son of George III and his wife Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, and the late brother of William IV, who was the Ingerish sovereign at the time New Ingerland was settled in the 1830s. As well as the city, the Prince also gave his name to the county in which it was situated.



Before the European settlement of New Ingerland, The indigenous Ngati Mōri were the sole inhabitants of what later would become Port Frederick. Geological and archaeological evidence has confirmed that the area was permanently inhabited, had a relativity dense population, and saw the widespread farming of kūmara (Ipomoea batatas) on the alluvial floodplains that make up much of lower Maria and Wilson valleys. The oldest finds in the area date to the early 1550s, suggesting New Ingerland was settled rapidly after first contact took place in the 1540s.


Port Frederick is situated in the north-east of Brunswich Island (41°7'30"S 159°59'30"W), and lies on the eastern banks of the River Maria, about 12 mile (0.80 km) from the where the river meets the sea. As a coastal settlement, the city lies just above sea level, with the city centre having an elevation of just 18 feet (5.5 metres).

References and notes

  1. By Letters Patent issued by the King on 6 June 1836, Port Frederick is entitled to the status and privilege of the title of city.
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