Royal Service Order

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Royal Service Order
Award of None.png
Badge of the Royal Service Order
Awarded by The Sovereign
Type Dynastic order
Motto Ut Prosim
Anniversary 8 October
Eligibility Subjects of New Ingerland
Awarded for Personal service to the Ingerish Royal Family
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign Geoffrey VII
List (w/ post-nominals)
Established 18 February 1927; 96 years ago (1927-02-18)
First awarded 8 October 1927
Last awarded 8 October 2020
Next (higher) Order of Merit
Royal Service Order.png
Ribbon of the Royal Service Order

The Royal Service Order is a dynastic order of knighthood and a house order of chivalry recognising distinguished personal service to the Ingerish Royal Family, or to the Monarchy of New Ingerland generally.

A relatively rare award, there are strict limits on the number of inductees, with a maximum of eighteen recipients of all grades permitted, of which only six may be knights or dames. Admission to the order remains the personal gift of the monarch, and is not awarded by ministerial advice.


The Order was established by Earnest V in February 1927, with the first induction taking place at Chapel Royal, Kingsbury Palace on the 8 October of the same year, originally the birthday of Arthur IV, and now recognised as the official Birthday of Sovereign.


There are currently two grades to the order:

# Name Postnom Membership Status
1 Knight/Dame of the Royal Service Order KSO/DSO 6 Members Active
2 Member of the Royal Service Order MSO 12 Members Active

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