Scientific and Industrial Research Council

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Scientific and Industrial Research Council
Type Agency sui generis
Formed 1 June 1924
Central Office Kittler Building
1 Science Road
Clive-on-the-Hill, DEVX
Employees 3,000
Senior executive
Chairman Jay Langley
Managing Director Seth Winton

The Scientific and Industrial Research Council (SIRC) is a sui generis government entity responsible for public research and development in New Ingerland. Established by way of an act of parliament in 1924, the council is based on a sprawling campus in the village of Clive-on-the-Hill, near the city of Swanbrook, Deverauxshire, and has a staff of approximately 3,000 people. It is the largest research and development organisation in New Ingerland and accounts for about 60% of all research and development conducted in the country.



SIRC is divided in to five principal bureaus:

Governance and management


  • Sir Bernard Gardner (2006-2011)
  • Jay Langley (2011-present)

Managing directors

  • Seth Winton (2013-present)

Research facilities and laboratories

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