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The Albanyshire Football Association is the governing body for Huruball responsible for administering and promoting the code in the county of Albanyshire. In addition to running the Albanyshire League Football competitions, the Association may be called upon to arbitrate disputes in areas such as player clearances, and may also be called upon as a higher authority of appeal in certain circumstances. The Association also oversees the local developmental, coaching, and umpiring bodies.



Club Founded Home ground Premierships
Brothers Valleys Colours.svg Brothers 1927 Glebe Park No. 2 Oval (Wikt Globe Bullet.svg map)
Wolvescolours.svg Flagstaff 1903 Flagstaff Oval (Wikt Globe Bullet.svg map) League 1: 2020
Central Comets colours.svg Frederickstown 1911 ()
Queensland colours.svg Glebe 1903 Glebe Park No. 2 Oval (Wikt Globe Bullet.svg map)
Aston DSC-Glen Mills colours.svg Old Collegians 1907 Collegians Oval ()
Widnes colours.svg Railway & Tramway 1912 Ifield Oval No. 1 (Wikt Globe Bullet.svg map)
Queanbeyan United Colours.png Solefish Bay 1972 Troy Davison Oval (Wikt Globe Bullet.svg map)
Cairns Cyclones Colours.svg Taihamiti–Osbourne Park 1986 Geoffrey Shaw Oval ()
Australian colours.svg Teachers College 1929 Flagstaff Oval (Wikt Globe Bullet.svg map)
Cronulla colours.svg Tobindale 1956 Tobindale Domain ()
Northern Raiders colors.svg Upper Waiparu 1968 ()
Wynnum-Manly Colours.svg West Shore 1903 Mathieson Oval (Wikt Globe Bullet.svg map)

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