Conservative Party

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Conservative Party
Final leader Richard Brabazon
Founded 18 November 1892
Dissolved 30 April 1935
Succeeded by      National Party
Ideology Conservatism
Political position Centre-right
Politics of New Ingerland
Political parties

The Conservative Party was one of the dominant political parties of the early 20th century. The major rival to the Liberal Party, the party ruled New Ingerland on three separate occasions until it merged with the Country Party to form the National Party in April 1935.

Party leaders

# Name In Office Duration
1 Jonas Willard 18 November 1892 - 1903
Cyril Percy 1903-1912
Robert Stratton 1912-1923
Arthur Cooke 1923-1928
Richard Brabazon 1928 - 30 April 1935

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