Earl Braddock

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Earl Braddock
Title in the Peerage of New Ingerland
Armorial bearings of the Earl Braddock
Created by Geoffrey VII
First holder Jonathan Braddock, 1st Earl Braddock
Present holder John Braddock, 2nd Earl Braddock
Heir presumptive Philip Braddock, Baron Ripley
Subsidiary titles Baron Ripley
The 1st Earl's heirs general of the body lawfully begotten

The Earl Braddock is a title created in the Peerage of New Ingerland in February 1980 for Jonathan Braddock, the 12th Prime Minister of New Ingerland. The titles are now held by his son, the second Earl, who succeeded his father in 2006. The Earl also holds the subsidiary title of Baron Ripley, of Stanhill in the County of Centralia, and this title is used as the courtesy title by the Earl's heir apparent.

The family seat is Ripley Grange in Centralia.

Earl Braddock (1980)

Earl Birth Marriages Death
Jonathan Braddock, 1st Earl Braddock
16 January 1919
son of Albert Braddock and Alice Laws
Lady Jane Burdett
23 October 1956
2 children
19 March 2006
aged 87
John Braddock, 2nd Earl Braddock
1 August 1958
son of Jonathon Braddock and Lady Jane Burdett
Lady Olivia Crowther
23 October 1986
3 children
current holder
The 2nd Earl's eldest son Philip is heir to the title and uses the courtesy title Lord Ripley

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