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Map of Centralia
Established 14 November 1836[1]
- Total
Ranked 3rd
2,096.55 sq mi (5,430.0 km2)
Largest city Kingsbury (298,500)
Highest point Mount Alexander
- 8,172 ft (2,491 m)
Population (2015) 691,152  (Ranked 1st)
Population density 329.66/sq mi (127.28/km2)
Ethnicity 96.2% White
3.1% Ngati Mōri
1.8% Other
Centralia County Council
Coat of Arms of Centralia
Chairman      Mackenzie Smith (Nat)
No overall control
Local authorities of New Ingerland
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Centralia is a county in the Central Tablelands of New Ingerland.


The name of Centralia is drawn from the central location of the county in the middle of Brunswich Island. The county is located on the Central Tablelands, major geological feature of the archipelago whose average elevation is in excess of 2,750 feet (840 metres). The name of the county was selected by in 1836 to reflect its dominant location on Brunswich Island.



European settlement



Centralia is dominated by the Central Tablelands, which are a series of extinct shield volcanoes formed some 5.1 million years ago. The entire New Ingerland archipelago forms part of the wider Louisville hotspot, and has been active for upwards of 70 million years[2]. The tablelands have been formed by the continuous volcanic activity that has been initiated by the hotspot. As the tectonic plate beneath New Ingerland moves to the northwest, the hotspot has remained stationary, slowly creating new volcanoes that over time built up to form the various plateaux of the tablelands.


Cities and towns

The largest city in Centralia is Kingsbury, with an urban population of 298,000. As the national capital, it is home to all of the key national institutions, including the Governor-General, the Parliament of New Ingerland, the New Ingerland Civil Service, and the Supreme Court of Justice. The city is also home to University College Kingsbury and the Kingsbury Institute of Technology.

Other major towns in the county are Hillsborough, Philipstown, and Shepton with respective populations of . The county also includes the smaller towns of .

Cities and towns of Centralia by population
Name Municipality Population
(2010 Census)
Name Municipality Population
(2010 Census)
1 Kingsbury City of Kingsbury 298,600   11 Lymeworth Lymeworth Rural District 7,288
2 Philipstown City of Philipstown 82,908   12 St Collen St Collen Rural District 5,850
3 Shepton Municipal Borough of Shepton 74,642   13 Red Range Red Range Rural District 6,135
4 Castleigh Municipal Borough of Castleigh 58,060   14 Wellingrove Wellingrove Rural District 5,992
5 Hillsborough Municipal Borough of Hillsborough 32,911   15 Springmount Springmount Rural District 4,565
6 Stanhill Stanhill Rural District 14,983   16 Rock Abbey Rock Abbey Rural District 4,160
7 Rosenham Rosenham Rural District 12,117   17 Hartlow St Collen Rural District 3,670
8 Clarkston Clarkston Rural District 8,453   18 Black Mountain Municipal Borough of Shepton 2,451
9 Ellford Ellford Rural District 8,099   19 Ellford Junction Ellford Rural District 2,291
10 Baldersleigh Baldersleigh Rural District 7,400   20 Mitchell's Gap Red Range Rural District 1,774

References and notes

  1. The eight counties of New Ingerland were established by way of an Order-in-Council on the 7 November 1836 and formally came into existence seven days later.
  2. Condie, Kent C. (2001). Mantle Plumes and Their Record in Earth History. Cambridge University Press. pp. 19. ISBN 0-521-01472-7.

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