House of Percy

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House of Percy
Ethnicity Anglo-New Ingerland
Current region Sarum, CENT
Place of origin Normandy, Ingerland
Notable members Earl Percy
Connected families House of Crowther
Estate Tillham Castle
Tillham, CENT
Name origin From the commune of Percy-en-Auge[1]

The House of Percy is an aristocratic family in New Ingerland, and one of the Noble Six.


House of Percy family tree

The list below shows all legitimate descendants of George Percy, 1st Earl Percy. Living members of the family are shown in bold. The current head of the family is denoted with a gold crown (Simple gold crown.png), whilst previous heads are denoted with a silver crown (Simple silver crown.png).

  • George Percy, 1st Earl Percy (1810-1870)
    • Alexander Percy, 2nd Earl Percy (1842-1900)
    • ()

Descendants of Alexander Percy, 2nd Earl Percy

  • Simple silver crown.png Alexander Percy, 2nd Earl Percy (1842-1900)
    • Simple silver crown.png Ralph Percy-Crowther, 3rd Earl Percy (1866-1946)
      • Simple silver crown.png David Percy-Crowther, 4th Earl Percy (1900-1984)
      • Simple silver crown.png William Percy-Crowther, 5th Earl Percy (1902-1992)
        • Simple gold crown.png Ralph Percy-Crowther, 6th Earl Percy (born 1929)
      • Georgina Ashley, Baroness Ashley (née Georgina Percy-Crowther;1906-1980)
        • Patrick Ashley, 2nd Baron Ashley (1932-2004)
          • Oliver Ashley, 3rd Baron Ashley (born 1960)
            • The Hon. Edwin Ashley (born 1984)
        • The Lady Manley (née Lavinia Ashley; born 1962)
          • The Hon. Peter Manley (born 1990)
    • Lord James Percy-Crowther (1869-1955)

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References and notes

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