Kingsbury metropolitan area

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Kingsbury metropolitan area
Kingsbury metro area.png
     City of Kingsbury
     Metropolitan area
     County of Centralia
County Centralia
Largest city Kingsbury (298,500)
Other settlements Castleigh
Area 1,001 sq mi (2,590 km2)
Population (2010) 426,603  (Ranked 1st)
Population density 426.18/sq mi (164.55/km2)
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The Kingsbury metropolitan area or Greater Kingsbury is a metropolitan area in the county of Centralia centred on the principal city of Kingsbury. The Statistics Agency defines the area as comprising the City of Kingsbury, the municipal boroughs of Castleigh and Hillsborough; the rural districts of Ellford and Springmount; as well as the Stanhill barony of the Stanhill Rural District. At the Census of Population and Housing in 2010, the area's population was estimated at 426,603.

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