Michael Thomas, Baron Thomas of Northam

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The Most Reverend
The Lord Thomas of Northam
Lord Archbishop of Kingsbury
Diocese Kingsbury
Elected 9 November 2005
Enthroned 12 November 2005
Reign ended 30 September 2015
Predecessor Alexander Kennett
Successor Basil Sanger
Personal details
Born (1943-04-12) 12 April 1943 (age 78)
Kingsbury, CENT
Denomination Christian (Ingerian)
Alma mater University College Kingsbury

The Most Reverend Michael John Thomas, Baron Thomas of Northam OM (born 12 April 1943) was the 13th Lord Archbishop of Kingsbury and Primate of the Ingerian Church of New Ingerland, serving from 12 November 2005 until his retirement on 30 September 2015.

Early life and education

Michael John Thomas was born in Kingsbury on the 12 April 1943, the middle child of Andrew and Annie Thomas. Andrew Thomas was an academic in English at the University College Kingsbury He was an outspoken and passionately progressive man, who shunned many of the tenants of twentieth century New Ingerland society. Although they had been raised Roman Catholics, Michael's parents made no attempt to involve the church in the raising of their family, and taught them to reject all organised religion en masse.

Michael, along with his two siblings Georgina and Ralph were educated in the public school system. As supporters of the Labour Party, Michael's parents opposed private education in any form, and believed that egalitarian values would be instilled in their children if they studying alongside pupils from poorer households. The Thomas children all attended Northam Primary School and later went on to Kellaway High School, where Michael and his siblings undertook all of their secondary studies. Matriculating in 1960, Michael was immediately accepted to study at University College Kingsbury, where he was to stay for six years. The retirement of his father from the faculty in Michael's first year offered an opportunity for the young man to experience life outside of the stifling left-wing idealism of his parents for the first time.

It was his time at university that caused Michael to question to deliberate anti-religiousness of his upbringing. Whilst at the College, he converted to Ingerianism, much to the chagrin of his parents. In 1966, he completed his Bachelor of Arts with majors in literature and politics. Believing now that he had a calling to the church, he broke with his family and opted to study a Masters of Theology in 1967. Upon completing this degree in 1969, he opted to undertake a gap year, where he undertook humanitarian work with the International Red Cross in Indochina, assisting refugees affected by the conflict in Vietnam. Thomas retuned to New Ingerland in late 1971 although he was still on non-speaking terms with his parents and older brother. It was only after the sudden death of his mother in 1973 that this rift was healed. Putting their disagreements behind them, the family agreed to unite in order to best manage their grief and the pressures that came with the sudden death of Annie Thomas.

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Ingerian Church titles
Preceded by
Alexander Kennett
Archbishop of Kingsbury
2005 – 2015
Succeeded by
Basil Sanger