University College Kingsbury

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University College Kingsbury
Universitas Collegium Castraregis
Part of: University of New Ingerland
Established 1 February 1868; 155 years ago (1868-02-01)
Type University college
Location Deverauxmead, Kingsbury, CENT
Warden Prof. Elliot Horton
Academic staff 1,590
Students 36,294
  •      Oxford blue
  •      Yellow

University College Kingsbury is a tertiary teaching institution and is the largest of the five constituent colleges of the University of New Ingerland. Located in the national capital, the college was originally established as a stand-alone college in 1868. Just five years later, the college was incorporated into the new federal university structure.

The college is the alma mater to many of this nations major leaders of science, industry and government, making it a essential part of the national fabric. In addition, the college is among the pre-eminent centres for advanced research in the country, attracting a variety of academics from all disciplines from across the globe.


University College Kingsbury has a long and proud history dating as far back as the 1860s. The college itself was formed as Kingsbury College in 1868. The early focus of the college was the provision of training for prospective lawyers, doctors, and clergy.

The new college enjoyed steady growth for the next five years until in 1873, when the government passed the National University Act[1], which amalgamated Kingsbury and Port Frederick colleges in to a new federal structure, the University of New Ingerland.

Faculties and departments

The college is divided into seven faculties, each headed by a Dean. These faculties are further subdivided into schools, which manage individual or like disciplines. These faculties are:

Residential halls

The residential hall system at University College Kingsbury follows the Oxbridge model. The halls are self-governing institutions with their own endowments and property, founded as integral parts of the college. All students, even those studying via distance education, and most academics are attached to a hall. Their importance lies in the housing, pastoral care, social functions, and undergraduate teaching they provide. All undergraduates receive their tutorial teaching from within the halls. Each hall appoints its own teaching staff and fellows, who are also members of a college faculty. The halls also decide which undergraduates to admit to the university, in accordance with the college and university by-laws.

University College Kingsbury has 7 residential halls, all of which are presently mixed, though they were originally all-male. Cowen was the first hall to admit both men and women, in 1922.

Notable alumni

The university college boasts a large number of notable alumni, some quite famous and influential, who have gone on to make significant contributions in their fields of endeavour. These include:

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References and notes

  1. National University Act (Public Act No. 88 of 1873).

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