Royal Estate, Warmford Regis

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The Royal Estate
Iandra Castle at Greenthorpe - panoramio.jpg
Warmford Castle, 2007
Estate details
Location Warmford Regis, CENT
Area 18,948 acres (7,668 ha)
Residences Warmford Castle
Rocky Stream House
Managed by Crown Estates Trust
Current tenants Governor-General of New Ingerland
The Royal Estate is located in Guelphia
The Royal Estate
The Royal Estate
Location of The Royal Estate

The Royal Estate is a large rural property and is a Vice-regal residence belonging to the New Ingerland sovereign. Occupying 18,948 acres (7,668 ha; 29.606 sq mi), it is located near the village of Warmford Regis, Centralia some 32 15 miles (51.8 km) north of Kingsbury.


The estate

The estate is vast in size, with it's boundaries generally the same as the parish of Warmford Regis. The estate stretches from the River Panton National Forest in the north, all to the way to the edge of the Waiparu Gorges Wilderness Park in the south. The estate is a working farm, and is generally not open to the public. It is the most notable example of New Ingerland manorialism that can still be found in many rural parishes across the country. Within the estate, the land is used for a variety of purposes including the farming of cereal crops such as barley, the grazing of sheep and cattle, and stands of woodland for growing timber and protecting pheasants. Closer to the stately homes of the estate, are a number of gardens and orchards.

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