Royal New Ingerland Ambulance Service

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Royal New Ingerland Ambulance Service
NI Ambulance Service logo.png
Agency overview
Established 1 April 1969; 54 years ago (1969-04-01)
Annual budget £20.5 million
Legal personality Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Area 27,285 sq mi (70,670 km2)
Population 3,473,671
Legal jurisdiction Nation-wide
Governing body Parliament of New Ingerland
Authorised by Ambulance Service Act[1]
Operational structure
Headquarters Asclepius Street
City Centre, Kingsbury
Minister of State Peter Edgeworth MHA
Deputy Minister Senator Ethan Adamson
Stations 200+

The Royal New Ingerland Ambulance Service is the national public safety agency responsible for ambulance services in New Ingerland. The service was established on 1 April 1969, after the Ambulance Service Act 1968 merged the existing local ambulance boards into a single national ambulance service under the new Ambulance Service Commission. Today, the service is charged with responding to emergency, non-emergency, aeromedical, rescue and retrieval services. Executive responsibility for the Ambulance Service rests with the Minister of State for Home Affairs, currently filled by The Hon. Peter Edgeworth.


References and notes

  1. Ambulance Service Act (Public Act No. 21 of 1968).