City Centre, Centralia

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City Centre
General information
Established 1858
Postal code CENT
Dialling code 01
County Centralia
Municipality City of Kingsbury
Deanery Central Kingsbury
Elevation 3,215 ft (980 m)
Population 709
Property value £555,359
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City Centre is the central business district and downtown core of Kingsbury, the capital of New Ingerland.

Established with the formation of the city in 1858, the City Centre is home of the earliest buildings constructed in Kingsbury, including the most important public buildings, as well as many shops, bars, and restaurants.


City Centre is the oldest suburb in Kingsbury, having been founded with the laying of the foundation stone of the city by Alexander II in 1858. It was here that much of the early work in establishing the city took place. The convict labour that built the city levelled the terrain, laid down the streets, and were tasked with constructing the most important houses and public buildings that would be required when the court transferred from Port Frederick. Along with the residential suburbs of East End and West End, City Centre was constructed over a period of ten years and was largely complete by the time the city was inaugurated in 1868.



City Centre is divided into four quarters (or neighbourhoods), each with a distinct charter and style. The quarters were originally named after the chapel-of-ease located in each, but by the mid-twentieth century these names had given way to more descriptive names. These quarters (in clockwise order) are:

  • Chancellery (formerly St. Thomas), best known as the location of Kingsbury's legal profession, as well as many embassies and the administrative apparatus of the Ingerian Church of New Ingerland;
  • Little Bohemia (formerly St. Bede), the least glamorous of the four quarters, Little Bohemia is home of many artists, musicians, students, and other alternative groups, known for it's cafes, coffee shops, bars, and exotic restaurants;
  • South of Market (formerly St Cuthbert), the financial quarter of the city where the Stock Exchange and Reserve Bank can be found, also home to many financial services companies, as well as NGOs and government offices;
  • Marketown or Market Town (formerly St. Dunstan), the retail core of the city, home to the largest shopping centres. Also the location of city's public markets;

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