Wilderness parks of New Ingerland

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Wilderness Parks
IUCN category Ib
(wilderness area)
Visitors 65,000 (in 2015)
Managing authority Royal National Parks Service

Wilderness Parks are a form of protected area used for declared wilderness areas in New Ingerland. There are seven wilderness parks in New Ingerland, making them the least common numerically of all protected areas. However, between them, these parks occupy 0 square miles (0 km2), or x.xx% of the total area of the New England.

Wilderness parks are defined as an area of land that is essentially still in a natural state and that has been largely untouched by man. For the purposes of land management, wilderness parks are essentially grand nature reserves, with allowance for a whole ecosystem to flourish undisturbed. Recreation is a secondary requirement for these parks with no camping allowed, although all have tramping tracks running through them. Wilderness parks are managed by the Royal National Parks Service.


The International Union for Conservation of Nature defines a wilderness area as:

A large area of unmodified or slightly modified land, and/or sea, retaining its natural character and influence, without permanent or significant habitation, which is protected and managed so as to preserve its natural condition.[1]

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