Royal National Parks Service

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Royal National Parks Service
Logo of the Royal National Parks Service
Type Executive agency
Central Office P.A. Wright House
Employees 3,360
Annual budget £65 million
Senior executive
Director Ann Sheppard

The Royal National Parks Service is an executive agency of the Ministry of Conservation and Land Management responsible, along with the Forestry Commission, for the administration of New Ingerland's protected areas.


The National Parks and Wildlife Service was established by the passage of the National Parks and Wildlife Act[1] on 1 January 1968. It received the '˜Royal' prefix in 1976.

Functions and powers

The functions and powers of the Service are:

  • To ensure the conservation of protected fauna and flora throughout New Ingerland;
  • To promote community awareness, understanding and appreciation of the conservation of nature and our cultural heritage;
  • To investigate and acquire land for inclusion in a system of protected areas to conserve a complete range of the natural environment of the kingdom;
  • To manage historic places within the protected areas system and to acquire historic places of significance;
  • To manage these areas and culturally significant feature for enjoyment and conservation;
  • To identify, protect and manage areas of natural wilderness;
  • To maintain the Register of Listed Buildings; and
  • To maintain a register of alterations to lands controlled under the Act including leases, easements and rights of way and to include that information on the Service's website.

References and notes

  1. National Parks and Wildlife Act (Public Act No. 35 of 1967).

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