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Crown enterprise
Government of New Ingerland
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Crown enterprises are a type of crown corporation in New Ingerland's state sector that compete in the private sector.

Function and role

A crown enterprise is a company registered under the terms of the Companies Act[1], and whose shareholders are Ministers of the Crown. The day-to-day management of the crown enterprise is conducted at arms length of the government, with a chief executive appointed by a board of directors just like any publicly listed company. As with others types of crown corporations, crown enterprises are not part of the New Ingerland Civil Service, nor are they a crown statutory agency.

List of crown enterprises

Currently, there are five crown enterprises in New Ingerland.

Former enterprises

References and notes

  1. Companies Act (Public Act No. 33 of 1961).
  2. The Electricity Commission was broken up in 1994, with it's functions split between a new distribution monopoly in PowerGrid, and three electricity generating crown enterprises in Arrow Electricity, Australis Electricity, and Pacific Electricity. The commission was formally dissolved on the 31 December 1994.

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