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The Senate of New Ingerland elects a portion of it's membership from eight geographical constituencies. Each constituency is coterminous with the counties, and consists of a number of House of Assembly electoral districts.

The geographical constituencies use the D'Hondt method of proportional representation, with members drawn from closed party lists.


Geographical constituencies were established in 1970, creating an elected component of the Senate for the first time. Then, as now, the constituencies were based on the counties, with each constituency returning four members.

List of geographical constituencies

# Name Area Population
1 Albanyshire 2,729 sq mi (7,070 km2)
2 Beaufortshire 4,668 sq mi (12,090 km2)
3 Centralia 4,329 sq mi (11,210 km2)
4 Deverauxshire 5,005 sq mi (12,960 km2)
5 Fitzroyshire 1,246 sq mi (3,230 km2)
6 Lunen Island 1,409 sq mi (3,650 km2)
7 Vernonshire 2,453 sq mi (6,350 km2)
8 Westerland 5,446 sq mi (14,110 km2)

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