Westerland (Senate constituency)

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Geographical constituency of the Senate
List of Senators
Created 5 March 1969
Named for Westerland
Electors 104,457
Area 5,446 sq mi (14,110 km2)

Westerland is one of eight multi-member geographical constituencies of the Senate of New Ingerland. Occupying the county of the same name, the constituency was created for the first Senate elections at the 1969 general election, and has been contested at every election since.

History and boundaries

The constituency was first contested in the 1969 general election held on the 5 March of that year. Because it is based on county boundaries (which themselves cannot be crossed by electoral districts of the House of Assembly), the boundaries of the constituency have not been changed since it was created.

Election results


Westerland, along with the eight other geographical constituencies, returns four senators for a four year term at every election.

Current members

# Members   Party
1 Ballance, OwenOwen Ballance National Party
2 Collins, JessicaJessica Collins National Party
3 Hamilton, JacquelineJacqueline Hamilton Democratic Party
4 Hughes, SarahSarah Hughes Democratic Party

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