Kingsbury Cathedral

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Kingsbury Cathedral
Cathedral of St. Edward the Confessor, Kingsbury
Pic-Kingsbury cathedral.jpg
West door of the Cathedral
Location Kingsbury, CENT
Denomination Ingerian
Churchmanship High church
Dedication St. Edward the Confessor
Dedicated 13 October 1868
Architect(s) Charles Parry
Style Perpendicular gothic
Diocese Kingsbury
Archbishop Basil Sanger
Dean Christopher Ryley

Kingsbury Cathedral (properly known as the Cathedral of St. Edward the Confessor, Kingsbury) is the cathedral church and diocesan seat of the Ingerian Diocese of Kingsbury.


The cathedral is located on the eastern edge of Cathedral Square in the Kingsbury city centre. The site was designed with the building of a grand cathedral in mind, and forms part of the axis that runs along King Alexander Street through Kings's Square and up to Central Station in the west. The building itself sits atop Cathedral Hill, at an elevation of 3,358 feet (1,024 m) that dominates the entire skyline of the city in all directions. This choice spot was quickly identified as the best site for a cathedral by the American city planners, Louis Hewitt and Phineas Granger, when they successfully entered their plans to the competition to design the future capital city in the late 1850s.

Construction of Kingsbury Cathedral began relativity late, with the first ground not being broken until early 1863. Construction was inaugurated by Theodore Stoddard, the Bishop of New Ingerland, laid the foundation corner stone for the building. As with the rest of Kingsbury's early buildings, convict and free labour was used to erect the cathedral, which went up quickly over the next five years. The plans for the cathedral were drawn up by Charles Parry, a local New Ingerland architect who would go on to oversee the first two phases of construction. The first phase of building saw the construction of the crypt, east end, crossing, transepts, and a small two bay nave. A lack of funds on behalf of the church prevented further work on the building for another 20 years. However, enough of the building was completed to allow for the cathedral to be consecrated in a ceremony of the feast day of St Edward the Confessor in October 1868.

In 1870, the cathedral became the seat of the newly raised see of Kingsbury, with Edward Collinson becoming the first Archbishop of Kingsbury.

The cathedral was finally completed in March 2011 with the completion of the spire above the central bell tower.


Listed building – Category I
Official name: Kingsbury Cathedral
Designated: 1 July 1952
Reference No. C146224


External appearance

The cathedral is closely modelled after the designs of churches abroad, and has been built in the English Gothic style.


Choir stalls


Stained glass



The Chapter comprises the Dean and five Residentiary Canons, each with a different responsibility in the running of the cathedral.

  • Dean – The Very Revd Christopher Ryley (since 2016)
  • Sub-Dean and Canon Pastor – The Revd Canon Nicholas Quickley (since 2007)
  • Canon Precentor – The Revd Canon Kenneth Milburn (since 2011)
  • Canon Chancellor – The Revd Canon Maryanne Simonson (since 2014)
  • Canon Treasurer – The Revd Canon Jonathan Dawson (since 2008)
  • Archdeacon – The Ven Michael Burgess (since 2009)



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