List of by-elections in New Ingerland

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This is a list of by-elections for the House of Assembly.


A by-election may occur whenever there is a vacancy in the House of Assembly. Vacancies can occur for reasons including:

  • Death
  • Voluntary resignation for any of the following reasons:
    • Retirement;
    • Ill-health;
    • Family or business commitments;
    • Prolonged absence from the country;
    • Loss of cabinet position;
    • Matters of principal;
    • Resignation or expulsion from a political party;
    • To create a vacancy for a party leader who did not have a seat;
    • Public disgrace; or
    • As a result of an inducement from an opposing party and thus create the potential for that party to increase its representation.
  • Constitutional ineligibility to be a Member of the House of Assembly including:
    • Election result voided or overturned on appeal by the Court of Disputed Returns;
    • Election to two seats - in which case the member was required to resign from one seat;
    • Election to the Senate of New Ingerland;
    • Election to another deliberative body, particularly county and municipal councils - members are required to resign prior to the issuing of the writs for the other body's election;
    • Having or accepting a position of profit under the crown;
    • Not being a subject of New Ingerland;
    • Non-residence in New Ingerland for more than 6 months prior to election;
    • Becoming non compos mentis;
    • Insolvency;
    • Conviction for a major criminal offence;
    • Absence from the house for an entire session without leave; or
    • Expulsion from the house for infamous conduct.


Whenever a vacancy in the representation of the Assembly occurs, for whatever reason, the Speaker addresses a Certificate of Vacancy to the Sovereign informing him that a vacancy has arisen in the membership of the Assembly. The Certificate of Vacancy cannot be issued until 6 days after notice of the vacancy has been published in the Kingsbury Gazette. The Sovereign shall then within 28 days issue a writ of election to fill the vacancy.

Once the writ has been issued, the timing of by-elections is determined by the Electoral Act[1]. Under the provisions of the act, a by-election must be held between 33 and 55 days after the receipt of the writ by the Returning Officer.

It is now a convention that a by-election is not held if a vacancy occurs within 3 months of an expected dissolution of the parliament.

List of by-elections

56th Parliament (2012-2016)

By-election Incumbent Party Reason Date Winner Party
Port Frederick South Robert Carpenter Social Democratic Labour Party Resignation 30 May 2015 Damien Snelling Democratic Party
Stanhill Tony Moore Democratic Party Resignation 29 March 2014 Bill Warren National Party
Badminton Jim Goodwin National Party Elevation to the Peerage 1 March 2014 Jason Morgan National Party

55th Parliament (2008-2012)

By-election Incumbent Party Reason Date Winner Party
Castleleigh South Louise Savage National Party Death (cancer) 3 September 2011 Brock Jones Democratic Party
Poundyard Bay East James Dobson National Party Appointment as High Commissioner to New Zealand 7 August 2010 Malcolm Turner National Party
Kingsbury North Laura Lucas Social Democratic Labour Party Resignation 6 March 2010 Cameron Smyth Social Democratic Labour Party

References and notes

  1. Electoral Act (Public Act No. 47 of 1983).

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