Treasurer of the Crown Estate

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Treasurer of the Crown Estate
Jasmine Cassidy

since 13 March 2012
Style The Right Honourable
Nominator Matthew Jones
Appointer Geoffrey VII
Term length At His Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural The Earl Lamberton
Formation 4 April 1836[1]
Salary £6,150[2] (6th)

The Treasurer of the Crown Estate is a crown appointment in the government of New Ingerland who is titularly responsible for the financial administration of the Crown Estate. The current Treasurer of the Crown Estate is the Right Honourable Senator Jasmine Cassidy.

Functions and powers

The Crown Estate is a crown corporation that provides much of income for the public duties of the Royal Household. In return for the income from these estates, the government of the day manages the administration of the Estate and any rents that are received, which are paid to the Treasury as form part of the Consolidated Revenue. In return, the Royal Household receives an annual payment, known as the Civil List, which paid from the Treasury to cover the cost of all constitutional and public duties that are performed. Income from the Estates is also used to cover the cost of maintaining the various royal palaces and residences that fall under the care of the Estate[3].

The situation benefits the government, who profit from the difference in incomes received and the lesser amount they in turn give to the Royal Household. However in doing so, the Royal Household is accountable for it's expenditure, which it must draw from the public purse and account for annually in Senate Estimates committee meetings.

The duties of the Treasurer are not considered to be particularly onerous, and the position has been typically combined with that of Cabinet Secretary and Leader of the New Ingerland Senate since the office was created in 1836.

List of Treasurers of the Duchy of Chandler

References and notes

  1. The post of Treasurer of the Crown Estate was established by way of an Order-in-Council at a meeting of Executive Council held on 4 April 1836.
  2. The salary of the Treasurer of the Crown Estate is derived from his position as a member of Parliament and as a holder of a ministerial office. As of the opening of the 56th Parliament, all Senators and MHAs receive a salary of £1,170, plus £47 per sitting day (not including a per diem amount for expenses). In addition, the Treasurer of the Crown Estate receives an additional salary of £750.
  3. This therefore excludes the Warmford Estate, which is a private concern of the Monarch and whose upkeep is his responsibility alone.