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Map of Beaufortshire
Established 14 November 1836[1]
- Total
Ranked 4th
1,968.51 sq mi (5,098.4 km2)
Largest city Williamsdene
Highest point Mount Major
- 5,045 ft (1,538 m)
Population (2015) 280,875  (Ranked 6th)
Population density 142.68/sq mi (55.09/km2)
Ethnicity 95.5% White
4.0% Ngati Mōri
2.5% Other
Beaufortshire County Council
Coat of Arms of Beaufortshire
Chairman      Tristan Brasher (NAT)
National control
Local authorities of New Ingerland
Counties · Municipalities · Parishes

Beaufortshire is one of the eight counties of New Ingerland, situated in the north-west of Brunswich Island.


The name of the county is drawn from the English Dukes of Beaufort. The name Beaufort refers to one of several settlements in France. They in turn are thought to mean 'fine-looking fort' from beau 'beautiful'[2].

Politics and administration

Beaufortshire County Council

The county council for Beaufortshire was established in 1886, having been first gazetted in 1836. The County Councils were first introduced as a result of the Local Government Act[3], taking over the administrative functions that had until that time been carried out by the unelected Courts of General and Quarter Sessions.


File:Map-municipalities of beaufortshire.png
Map of the municipalities of Beaufortshire

The county is divided in to six municipalities, as outlined below:

Municipality Seat
Coat of arms of Badminton Badminton Rural District Badminton
Coat of arms of Bielsdown Bielsdown Rural District Bielsdown
Coat of arms of Layton Layton Rural District Layton
Coat of arms of Waiautoa Waiautoa Rural District Waiautoa
Coat of arms of Williamsdene City of Williamsdene Williamsdene

References and notes

  1. The eight counties of New Ingerland were established by way of an Order-in-Council on the 7 November 1836 and formally came into existence seven days later.
  2. Everett-Heath, John, ed. (2014). The Concise Dictionary of World Place-Names (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press.
  3. Local Government Act (Public Act No. 80 of 1885).

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