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Map of Westerland
Established 6 March 1854[1]
- Total
Ranked 1st
2,469.13 sq mi (6,395.0 km2)
Population (2015) 180,258  (Ranked 8th)
Population density 73/sq mi (28/km2)
Ethnicity 98% White
2% Other
Westerland County Council
Coat of Arms of Westerland
Chairman      Steven Long (NAT)
National control
Local authorities of New Ingerland
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Westerland is one of the eight counties of New Ingerland, situated in the west of Brunswich Island.


Westerland has a unique toponomy amongst the counties. Unlike the others which have been named after a place, person, or family; Westerland is a simple geographical designation of it's location on Brunswich Island. In this case, the county is simply the western most part of the island, wester meaning toward the west[2], and land being that part of the earth that is not submerged by the sea[3].

Politics and administration

Westerland County Council

The county council for Westerland was established in 1886 as a result of the Local Government Act[4], taking over the administrative functions that had until that time been carried out by the unelected Courts of General and Quarter Sessions.

Today, Westerland County Council is dominated by the National Party, who hold 12 of the 18 seats on Council. The Democratic Party has 4 members, and there are two independents. The Chairman of the Council is Steven Long, who is also from the National Party.


File:Map-municipalities of westerland.png
Map of the municipalities of Westerland

The county is divided in to seven municipalities, as outlined below:

Municipality Seat
Ashbourne Rural District Ashbourne
Buller Peninsula Rural District Beaury
Dightby Rural District Dightby
City of Earnestvale Earnestvale
Emmaville Rural District Emmaville
Jennings Rural District Jennings
Littlehowe Rural District Littlehowe

References and notes

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