Crown Court

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Crown Court
Established 1 October 1972
Composition method Nomination by the Judicial Appointments Commission with appointment by HM The King
Authorised by Crown Court Act
Appeals to Court of Appeal
Chief Judge of the Crown Court
Currently Sir Raymond Hennessey
Since 16 November 2007

The Crown Court is an intermediate criminal and civil court in the Judiciary of New Ingerland.


Function and jurisdiction

All criminal proceedings on indictment must be brought before the court, such as serious theft, fraud, and assault. All matters in involving motor accidents are heard by the court, regardless of the amount involved. In civil cases, the Crown Court handles matters where the amount being claimed is up to £75,000.



The dress of those judges on the Crown Court circuits comprises of bands worn over a violet robe with lilac facings and a bench wig. In addition to a black girdle, the judge wears a tippet over the left shoulder. The tippet is lilac when dealing with civil business and red when dealing with criminal matters.

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