Judicial Appointments Commission

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Judicial Appointments Commission
Formed 1 June 1983
Central Office Supreme Court Building
2 Delapole St
Kingsbury, CENT
Employees 46
Annual budget £430,000 (2010-11)
Senior executive
Lord Chancellor The Baroness Fairfax
Chief Executive Nicole Bradbury

The Judicial Appointments Commission is a crown statutory agency that is responsible for the selection of all judicial office holders in New Ingerland. The commission was set up in 1983 to maintain and strengthen judicial independence, with all judicial officers appointed on merit through fair and open selection process used for all civil service jobs.

By taking responsibility for selecting candidates for judicial office out of the hands of the executive, it was hoped the appointments process would be made clearer and more accountable. Prior to the establishment of the Commission, the appointment of judicial officers was carried out by the Sovereign on the advice of the Lord Chancellor.


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