Shepton, Centralia

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General information
Established 1838
Postal code CENT
Dialling code 01
County Centralia
Elevation 4,365 ft (1,330 m)
Population 74,642  (Ranked 9th)
City of Shepton[1]
Coat of Arms of Shepton, Centralia
Type City by Royal Charter
Incorporated 20 March 1876
Navigation and map
Shepton is located in Guelphia
Location of Shepton
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Shepton is a city and market centre located in central New Ingerland. As of the 2010 census, Shepton had 74,642 inhabitants, making it the 9th largest city in New Ingerland. A major rural service hub and former county centre, Shepton served as the seat of the Middle Riding of Centralia until 1907, and has been a municipal borough (and later city) since 1876.


The name of Shepton is drawn from traditional Anglo-Saxon toponomy. The prefix shep refers to the domestic sheep (ovis aries), and an important animal in agriculture for thousands of years. The suffix of ton was used to describe an enclosed place, and forms the basis of the modern word town[2]. Therefore, Shepton can be seen to literally mean sheep-town.

References and notes

  1. By Letters Patent issued by the King on 2 November 1970, Shepton is entitled to the status and privilege of the title of city.
  2. Mills, Anthony David (2003). Oxford Dictionary of Ingerish Place Names. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0198527586.

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