Philipstown, Centralia

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General information
Established 1838
Postal code CENT
Dialling code 01
County Centralia
Elevation 3,484 ft (1,062 m)
Population 82,908  (Ranked 8th)
Property value £59,775
City of Philipstown[1]
Coat of Arms of Philipstown, Centralia
Type City by Royal Charter
Incorporated 8 March 1852
Seat Philipstown Town Hall
265 High Street
Philipstown, CENT
Navigation and map
Philipstown is located in Guelphia
Location of Philipstown
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Philipstown (population: 82,908) is a town in the West Riding of Centralia. First settled in 1838, and gazetted as a municipal borough in 1852, Philipstown is today the eighth largest urban centre in New Ingerland.


Originally known as Irwindale, after James Irwin, the founder of the town in the 1850s and a major landholder in the area. After Irwin was disgraced in a major scandal in the 1870s, Philipstown was renamed in honour of Prince Philip upon his birth in 1877.

References and notes

  1. By Letters Patent issued by the King on 2 November 1970, Philipstown is entitled to the status and privilege of the title of city.

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