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The Reverend and Right Honourable
Mackenzie Smith
Chairman of Centralia County Council
Assumed office
1 September 2008
Monarch Geoffrey VII
Preceded by Rosemary Colless
Deputy Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs
In office
15 March 2004 – 10 March 2008
Prime Minister Jim Goodwin
Preceded by Daniel Oswald
Succeeded by The Earl Braddock
Personal details
Born (1959-11-15) 15 November 1959 (age 63)
Kingsbury, CENT
Political party      National Party
Religion Christian (Ingerian)

The Reverend and Right Honourable Mackenzie Balfour Smith OM EC (born 15 November 1959) is an Ingerian priest and National Party politician. Presently the Chairman of Centralia County Council, he previously served as the Member of the House of Assembly for the Electoral district of Mount Beacon—Moreborough and as vicar of the parish of Mount Beacon in Centralia.

Early life

Birth and schooling

Mackenzie Smith was born in Kingsbury, the capital of New Ingerland, on the evening of the 15 November 1959. His parents, Nicholas and Lilly, were Shepton-based pastoralists who owned several thousand acres of prime wool-growing country on the southern fall of the Central Tablelands. Mackenzie would the be the eldest of three children, with younger brothers James and Stewart born in 1961 and 1967. Unusually for New Ingerland, the Smith family are Scottish by decent, with Mackenzie's great-great-grandfather having emigrated from Aberdeenshire in the 1890s.

Initially schooled at the local primary school, in 1973 was sent to Rosenham Agricultural College to complete his secondary studies. Mackenzie completed his Advanced Certificate in 1977, and matriculated in to University College Kingsbury. Despite his father wish that he study agronomy or rural science, Smith chose instead to read history. At university, Smith first became involved in politics, and joined the National Party within six months of coming to the college. In 1982, Smith graduated with honours, receiving a mark of 2:1 in his honours thesis on the effects of Church of Ingerland canon law on the law making process in New Ingerland.

In 1983, Smith decided on a career in the church, and applied to study at the Thomas Cranmer Theological College in Williamstown. Unlike the rest of his family who were Presbyterian, Mackenzie opted to be received in to the Ingerian Church. Over the next three years, Smith undertook a doctorate of theology through University College Kingsbury, and then completed a Diploma of Ingerian Orders through the theological college. After completing the required time in the diaconate, Smith was ordained a priest in May 1992.

Ecclesiastical career

In 1992, Smith was appointed by the council of the parish of Mount Beacon to be its vicar.

In public interviews he has given on the matter, Smith has stated that he found the priesthood an enlivening experience, but over time he came to believe that he could not truly help the needs of the local community while ever he remained a mere parish priest. As a result, Smith sought leave from the parish in March 1995 in order to seek a career in politics. Having failed the first time, he returned to parish duties for the next four and a half years.

Political career

Entry into Parliament

In 1995, Smith made his first attempt at career in politics, where he sought pre-selection with the National Party for the electoral district of Shepton West, which up until that time had been a safe seat for the Democratic Party. However by the 1990s, the Democrat's hold on the seat was weakening, and the Nationals felt they could capture the seat if they selected "a safe pair of hands". The still relatively young Smith was passed-over therefore in favour of party elder George Carter. The choice proved to be an flawed one as the seat was unexpectedly held by the Democratic Party in a landslide.

In 1999, Smith again sought pre-selection with the party, this time for the electoral district of Mount Beacon—Moreborough. The death of his father saw Smith inherit the family farm, which he had moved to in order to supervise it's administration, with day-to-day affairs handled by his younger brother James.

In government

Titles and Honours

Titles and styles

  • Mackenzie Smith Esq. (1959–1986)
  • Dr Mackenzie Smith (1986–1992)
  • The Reverend Dr Mackenzie Smith (1992-2000)
  • The Reverend Dr Mackenzie Smith, MHA (2000-2008)
  • The Reverend and Right Honourable Dr Mackenzie Smith, EC (2008-2011)
  • The Reverend and Right Honourable Dr Mackenzie Smith, OM EC (2011-present)



When he was elected Chairman of the Centralia County Council in 2008, Smith received his own grant of arms.

Marriage and issue

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