New Ingerland general election, 1952

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New Ingerland general election, 1952

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All 116 seats in the House of Assembly

  First party Second party Third party
Leader Robert Kettering Jonathan Braddock Peter Sims
Party National Party Liberal Party Labour Party
Leader since 1948 1945 1939
Leader's seat Philipstown Stanhill Hillsborough
Last election 45 seats 10 seats 60 seats
Seats won 61 34 20
Seat change Increase16 Increase24 Decrease40

Composition of the House of Assembly chamber after the election. Colours denote the winning party, as shown in the main table of results

Prime Minister before election

Peter Sims
Labour Party

Elected Prime Minister

Robert Kettering
National Party

The New Ingerland general election of 1952 was held on Saturday, 20 September 1952. The incumbent Labour Party under Peter Sims was heavily defeated by the National Party under Robert Kettering. For the first time since 1932, the Liberal Party reclaimed it's formerly pre-eminent position and became one of the two largest parties on the floor of the Assembly, a position it (and it's successor) has not relinquished.

Key dates

Date Event
13 August 1952 Writs were issued by the Sovereign to proceed with an election.
27 August 1952 Close of nominations.
20 September 1952 Polling day, between the hours of 8am and 6pm.
6 October 1952 The writ was returned and the results formally declared.
13 October 1952 38th Parliament assembled.
14 October 1952 State Opening of Parliament

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