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His Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition, or the Official Opposition, is the parliamentary party led by the Leader of the Opposition. This is usually the political party with the second-largest number of seats in the House of Assembly, as the largest party will usually form His Majesty's Government. Since March 2012, the Official Opposition has been the National Party.

List of Official Oppositions

Parliament Formation Party Opposition Leader
22nd 1907 Conservative Party Cyril Percy
23rd 1910 Liberal Party Henry Chaytor
24th 1911 Conservative Party Robert Stratton
25th; 26th 1914 Liberal Party Henry Chaytor
1915 Anti-War Liberal Leonard Rollins
26th 1920 Liberal Party Joseph Williams
27th; 28th 1920 Conservative Party Robert Stratton
28th; 29th 1923 Arthur Cooke
29th 1928 Richard Brabazon
30th 1929 Country Party Donald Burleigh
31st; 32nd; 33rd 1932 Labour Party Gordon Roper
33rd; 34th; 35th 1939 Peter Sims
36th 1946 National Party Peter Wright
37th 1948 Robert Kettering
38th; 39th; 40th 1952 Liberal Party Jonathon Braddock
40th 1959 Democratic Party
41st; 42nd; 43rd 1961 National Party Anthony Hendon
43rd; 44th 1966 John Collier
44th; 45th 1971 Jacob Meyer
46th; 47th 1975 Democratic Party Antonia Davidson
48th 1981 National Party Philip Corbett
49th; 50th 1984 Democratic Party Antonia Davidson
1986 National Party Jenny Petersen
1987 John Tudor
51st; 52nd 1992 Democratic Party Bill Howlett
53rd 2000 National Party Jim Goodwin
54th; 55th 2004 Democratic Party Matthew Jones
56th; 57th 2012 National Party Kristine Dawkins

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